Tiny Wings


Produced by Nic Arp
and Dave Rosazza

Engineered and then some by John Svec
at EarthTone Audio · Iowa City, Iowa

Photography by Jill Tobin

Nic Arp—Vocals, acoustic guitar, songs
Matthew Bernemann—Drums
Dave Rosazza—Electric guitar, vocals
Jim Rossen—Harmonica
Billy Valencia—Bass


Emma Arp—Vocals (Track 8)
Hannah Holman—Cello (Tracks 1,2,6)
Tara McGovern—Violin and Vocals (Track 2)

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All Songs by Nic Arp
(except Your Mind is on Vacation by Mose Allison)

  1. Shadow in the Dark
  2. Tiny Wings
  3. Deep Freeze
  4. Good Guy
  5. Blood Moon
  6. What I Lost
  7. Your Mind is on Vacation
  8. Absolutely Elsewhere
  9. One Simple Song
  10. Locomotive

Huge, humble, and heartfelt thanks to my family, friends, and fellow musicators. I love you all.

©2013 Nic Arp  All rights reserved.