Shadow in the Dark

Shadow in the Dark

This is my body, this is my blood
This is everything that I have ever thought of
This is my ashes, this is my spark
I lay it all before you
Like a shadow in the dark

This is my rags, this is my bones
This is everyone whom I have ever known
This is my pounding head, this is my tell-tale heart
I’ll leave it here to whisper to you
Like a shadow in the dark

It’s a true story
It’s just pretend
It’s undisputed fact
And circumstantial evidence
A crumb along the trail
A pile of stones
A cautionary tale
An accidental manifesto
It’s a painstaking confession
A random fleeting thought
This is my offering
This is all I got

This is my wonder, this is my dread
This is everything that anyone has ever said
This is my undoing, this is my start
I’ll leave it here for you to stumble over
Like a shadow in the dark

©2013 Nic Arp  All rights reserved.