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Nic Arp wrote his first song at the age of 10, about Watergate. Ever since—though he doesn’t write political material—he has used songwriting to help him make sense of the world around him. In the 1980s he was lead singer of a band in the Seattle area, Local Magnetic Disturbance. When he moved back to his hometown of Iowa City in 1995, he turned his attention to honing his guitar skills while continuing to write songs. His songs combine a singer-songwriter’s attention to lyrical craft with a bluesy Americana feel, delivered with a soulful voice. He released his first CD, Faces & Words, in 2006, which earned a three-star notice in the Des Moines Register, and followed up with Tiny Wings in 2013. He has performed at the Des Moines Arts Festival, on Iowa Public Radio’s Live From Studio One and Java Blend, and at venues throughout Eastern Iowa. Today he performs with an outstanding group of seasoned, professional musicians under the moniker The Nic Arp Band. He and bassist/vocalist Jennifer Horn-Frasier also have an eclectic folk-pop duo, The Fritters.

The Musicators:

Dave Rosazza (guitar, vocals) In 1989, Dave formed the group Shade of Blue, which went on to be voted the best area band four times. Since then he has recorded twelve studio albums with a variety of bands, including co-producing and performing on Nic Arp’s Tiny Wings. He was an original member of the Funkdaddies (Press-Citizen's best band of 2006) as well as a member of the University of Iowa’s Voices of Soul. In 2007, Dave opened Rosazza Lesson Studios in Iowa City. In addition to his work as a music teacher, Dave continues to perform with Shade of Blue and the Nic arp Band. He has shared the stage with the George Clinton and the P Funk Allstars, The Kinsey Report, Koko Taylor, Maceo Parker & the J B Horns, and many more.

Matt Bernemann (drums) Matt attended the University of Iowa and majored in percussion performance with a jazz emphasis. His past teachers include jazz greats Mark Dorr, James Dreier, Tom Davis, John Rapson, and Matt Wilson. In addition to working with Nic Arp, he currently performs with the Saul Lubaroff Trio, Shade of Blue, the Bernemann Brothers, Martin Carpenter, and regularly sits in with other groups such as Dave Zollo and the Body Electric.

Sean Seaton (keyboards) Sean grew up in a musical family and dabbled with playing many instruments as a child. After cutting his teeth on the music of Ray Charles, Billy Preston, Leon Russell, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Donald Fagan, and Billy Joel, it is no wonder Sean gravitated towards the piano. He also plays trombone and studied with master trombonist George Krem as a music performance major at the University of Iowa. He has been playing in Eastern Iowa bands for over a quarter of a century, sharing the stage with such legends as Koko Taylor, George Clinton, and the Monkees. In addition to playing with Nic Arp, he currently plays with Shade of Blue, the Steely Dan tribute band The Fez, the Bernemann Brothers, and the blues-based Tanya English Band.

Jennifer Horn-Frasier (bass, vocals) Jennnifer is a classically trained flutist who fell in love with the bass along the way. She played with Iowa City's The Bad Intentions for several years before joining the Nic Arp Band. She and Nic also comprise the eclectic folk-pop duo The Fritters