Way In Between


Produced by Sean Seaton and the Nic Arp Band
Recorded at Flat Black Studios by Luke Tweedy
Mixed by Luke Tweedy and the Nic Arp Band
Mastered at Shy Diamond by Todd Rittman

Photography by Jill Tobin
Design by Danette Angerer

Nic Arp—Songs, vocals, guitar
Matthew Bernemann—Drums, percussion
Jennifer Horn-Frasier—Bass, vocals
Dave Rosazza—Electric guitar, vocals
Sean Seaton—Keyboards

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  1. Way In Between
  2. Flyover
  3. Sugar Bottom Road
  4. Hey You Mourning Dove
  5. Too Many Reasons
  6. Backup
  7. If You Bury Me
  8. If You Were A Blackbird
  9. Far Be It From Me
  10. I Really Don't Know

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