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Nic Arp wrote his first song at the age of 10, about Watergate. Ever since—though he doesn’t write political material—he has used songwriting to help him make sense of the world around him. In the 1980s he was lead singer of a band in the Seattle area, Local Magnetic Disturbance. When he moved back to his hometown of Iowa City in 1995, he turned his attention to honing his guitar skills while continuing to write songs. His songs combine a singer-songwriter’s attention to lyrical craft with a bluesy Americana feel, delivered with a soulful voice. He released his first CD, Faces & Words, in 2006, which earned a three-star notice in the Des Moines Register, and followed up with Tiny Wings in 2013, garnering critical accolades. He has performed at the Des Moines Arts Festival, on Iowa Public Radio’s Live From Studio One and Java Blend, and at venues throughout Eastern Iowa. Today he performs with an outstanding group of seasoned, professional musicians under the moniker the Nic Arp Band (read bios here), as well as in an eclectic pop-folk duo, The Fritters.